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At the initiative of NGO „Asociatia SASORYCODE” (non-governmental and no-profit organization) and with exceptional support of many partners and software companies, we proudly created this page to support children who love the world of programming and computers. IKCC is the starting point for these wonderful, passionate and inventive children.
  All IKCC contests are FREE ! No fees/payment required to participate ! 

We care!

We care about our children! We care about the future! And the future is digital! We support children to perform in software programming, advanced technologies and computer science.
The contests will help children develop their coding skills, meet new challenges and achieve the highest level of software programming performance.
Children, you are our only hope for the future! We believe in you and hope that you will digitize the path for human race. With computer science and software engineering skills you will be able to conquer new planets and new galaxies .. you will be able to survive ..
Children, register..code and win!
We are waiting for you at our new international children’s coding contests: IKCC!

Winner or not ?

It is not important to win.. important is to participate to many contests. This will develop your algorythms and codes. Participating is winning !

Competition type:

The goal of IKCC is to develop children’s programming skills by creating games, stories or animations. Children will be attracted to these creative projects and will unleash their imagination.

Competitions calendar:

International Coding Competitions
sep. 01 – World Scratch Coding Competiton (prizes, diplomas and certificates)
dec. 01 – Winter Scratch Coding Challenge (diplomas and certificates)
march 01-Spring Scratch Coding Challenge (diplomas and certificates)
july 01-Summer Scratch Coding Challenge (diplomas and certificates)

National Coding Competitions (Romania)
may 01 – Olimpiada Digitala online pentru copii (premii, diplome si certificate)




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